"A unique and practical approach to difficult subjects, done with humor and class."

—David Eskin, M.D.
Emeritus Chief of Staff, Abington Memorial Hospital

Dr. Joel L. Schwartz works with organizations that want a more productive workplace that has reduced stress, improved communication, and loyal happy employees. He does this through content rich, fun filled programs. »Book Joel

Noses Are Red

New! His book

To Pee or Not to Pee

One man in 6 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Should you get treatment or do nothing? How do you pick the right doctor? To Pee or Not to Pee will guide you through the maze of information and misinformation. »Buy his book

His programs

Joel engages his audiences with topics such as, "The ABCs of MDs (Minor Deities) with PMS (Privileged Medical Status)" "Peanuts for Physicians" and "How to Cure ADHD (Adult Deficient Humor Disorder)." »See his programs

His consultation

Joel will work with your hospital or office on assessing your "disruptive professional" problem and then help you set up procedures, policies and ways to deal with it. »About his consulting

His mother

Joel's mother thinks you should hire her son, the doctor, because:

He looks like Jerry Garcia

It would make his grandmother so proud

His brother Alan bet him a million dollars that no one would call him to speak. Please call, his mother wants him to win the bet (She always liked him best)

He'll help you learn how to change perspective and laugh

He'll make you feel good and put more fun in your life without drugs

»Go ahead. Please his mother. Hire Joel now.

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