The ABCs of MDs (Minor Deities) of with PMS (Privileged Medical Status)

How should nurses deal with the disruptive physician? Let Joel Schwartz, M.D., teach you using his own brand of humor!

Are you working at a place where:

• You have to be a mindreader
• You are the recognized goat
• The only credit you get is from a card in your wallet
• There is a problem but no one will talk about it

If you answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, Joel Schwartz, M.D., can help your nurses deal with the proverbial politics of working with doctors, especially the disruptive ones. Using the right mix of wisdom and wit, Dr. Schwartz not only gives his audiences useful information — but insights that only a doctor can share.

• See Demo Video — Joel helps you deal with the disruptive professional (3:23)

How to Cure ADHD (Adult Deficient Humor Disorder)

If you feel run do­­­wn and blah, experience daily boredom, lower your head when you meet a co-worker in the hall, never smile, not even at yourself in the mirror, or feel that your purpose in life is to be a test site for stress, then you are suffering from ADHD.

The cure: My Workshop. Learn how to turn “stressed” into “desserts,” how to put “fun” back into dysfunction, how to lighten up the workplace and use humor as the secret interview tool.

You can also prevent ADHD before it starts.

The prevention, for parents, families and teachers: "Noses Are Red: How to Nurture Your Child’s Sense of Humor."

Learn what child development is necessary for humor to flourish with examples of ways to promote it at home and at school.

• See Demo Video — Using humor to handle stress, part I (39 seconds)

• See Demo Video — Using humor to handle stress, part II (49 seconds)

Peanuts for Physicians — What Elephants Can Teach Us About Getting Along

Research shows that 2% of all physicians are disruptive. The other 98% are under constant scrutiny by patient staff and hospital administrators. With so much medical knowledge to acquire, interpersonal skiils are lost in the shuffle. Enter the elephant whose social system can serve as a working model to help fill in the gaps. Are you ready for some peanuts?

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