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Watch Joel in Action

His mother always wanted to see him in the movies. Click on the links below, and you can too.

• Demo Video I — Using humor to handle stress, part I (39 seconds)

• Demo Video II — Using humor to handle stress, part II (49 seconds)

• Demo Video III — Joel consults directly with an organization (58 seconds)

• Demo Video IV — Dealing with the disruptive professional (3:23)

• Demo Video V — The Philadelphia sports attitude (3:23)

• Demo Video VI — The Phillies and their fans (3:23)

What Others Say About Joel

"Dr. Schwartz has been a real asset to Abington Memorial Hospital's speakers's bureau. He is well prepared for each audience and his talks are engaging and humorous. As important, he is a pleasure to work with."

— Beth Ann Neill, Director, Public Relations and Marketing, Abington Memorial Hospital

"Dr. Schwartz is amazing! His message about how to create a better work environment was right on target. His delivery was so funny that he provided more laughs than the best humorist"

— Robert R. Bingham, President, CEO, The Little Gym International, Inc.

"Dr. Schwartz’s talk on using humor to deal with stressful situations was both informative and entertaining. I highly recommend him and personally enjoyed the session very much."

— Rabbi Stacy Eskovitz Rigler, Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Director of Religious Education

"A unique and practical approach to a difficult subject, done with humor and class."

— David Eskin M.D. emeritus chief of staff Abington Memorial Hospital

Download Fact Sheets

To download printable PDF fact sheets about the Stress Less Shrink, click on the links below.

The Stress Less Shrink, an overview of programs offered by of Joel Schwartz

Peanuts for Physicians, a glance at the program

Suffering from ADHD?, a glance at the program

The ABCs of MDs with PMS, a glance at the program

Funny, Didn't You Say You Were a Shrink?, a biography of Joel Schwartz

Stop And Smell the 'Noses', a glance at Schwartz's book, "Noses Are Red"

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