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Noses Are Red

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All men are faced with the possibility of having prostate cancer sometime in their lifetime. TV, newspapers and magazines present a sea of conflicting information and misinformation. Who better to navigate you through this maze than the prostate itself? Normal development, the PSA controversy, risk factors, biopsy criteria, tumor classification, how to pick the right doctor, treatment options, support groups, benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostatitis are some of the subjects that are explored and illuminated. This book will provide you with information to help you intelligently participate in all aspects of your care. Read an excerpt.

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What Readers Are Saying

"By digesting this combination of humor, information and inspiration you will find this book very nourishing."

— Bernie Siegel, M.D.,
Author of 365 Prescriptions For Living and A Book of Miracles

"Joel Schwartz M.D. has written a clear, witty and humorous guide about a serious subject: prostate cancer. He shows us how to go about understanding the various options in modern management and emphasizes the importance of close, open relationships with physician specialists who are here to serve."

— Melvyn Richter M.D.,
Chairman Emeritus, Radiation Oncology, AMH

"This easy to read, clear, concise, humorous book is an excellent primer for any patient with prostate related diseases. I would recommend it to anyone faced with these issues."

— Robert S. Charles, MD, FACS
Chairman of Urology, AMH

"I am a 76-year-old African American prostate cancer survivor. Just hearing the word cancer made my head spin. Having access to the information in this book would have reduced my anxiety and made the decision making process less stressful."

— Alfred Dennis

"As a breast cancer survivor myself I understand the positive impact of being well informed. The clear and concise information, sprinkled with humor in Dr. Schwartz’s book would have enhanced my ability to support my husband through his difficult journey.

— Melissa Dennis

Noses Are Red

Noses Are Red

In "Noses Are Red: How to Nurture Your Child's Sense of Humor," Joel Schwartz, M.D., gives his readers the gift of laughter with his comical and thoughtful tips on how to instill humor into children's lives, starting in their infancies. Read an excerpt.

Dr. Schwartz, head of the department of psychiatry at Abington Memorial Hospital outside of Philadelphia, defines a sense of humor as a light-hearted approach to the trials and tribulations of life. He says, "It is a way of living one's life, of viewing the world and making the most out of one's own potential."

Each chapter of "Noses" is divided into The Principles, which deal with developmental milestones, and The Practicals, which give the reader suggestions on how to grow the humorous perspective.

Showcasing the illustrations of Emmy-award winning illustrator Bruce Blitz, "Noses" is a colorful, quick read with loads of practical and humorous advice.

Give it as a gift to a new parent or grandparent, offer it to your child’s teacher or give yourself a refresher course on the importance of filling your day with laughter. No matter the reason, just be sure to read it.

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